picture taken in front of atal tunnel

The project is finally ready. The 8.8 km long tunnel is now complete. This 4,000-crore project done by the Border Roads Organisation India. This tunnel wide is 10.5 m with a 1-meter footpath on both sides.

For your knowledge, the tunnel ordinance is at 80 km per hour. This longest tunnel Atal tunnel Rohtang situated at top of the mountain will provide all-weather road connectivity remote areas like Spiti Valley and nearby small villages. Remote areas of Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh remain bring to an end from the remainder of the country for six months in winters. Up to 3,500 cars and 1,600 trucks are expected to use the new tunnel a day. This also a fireproof emergency tunnel. Surprisingly the world’s longest tunnel at 10,000 feet is finally ready after 10 years. PM Modi will inaugurate it later this month.

This photo was taken inside atal tunnel

How to reach there:

  • If you coming from Delhi it will take you 12 h 49 min (557.1 km) via NH 44.
  • you can go there like from Delhi-Srinagar-Rohtang.

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