Pani puri recipes

We Indians love to Eat mouth watering pani puris. It’s very easy to make. There are varities of pani puris recipes are there. In India some here people it called Puchka, Pani puri, Gol gapa, Gup chup. So different state have a different name of this recipe.

8 types of Pani Puri Recipes In India

1: Ice Cream Pani Puri

Ice cream pani puri
Ice cream pani puri

At Mumbai the shop “Go pure” introduce ice cream pani puri. It made by puri and ice cream. First they take the puri and they stuffed ice cream inside. For the look they sprinkle some garnish items like mint leaf. If you want to make it at your home then its very simples but you need to find the ice cream flavour which will give you better taste with puri.

2: Fire Pani Puri

fire pani puri
fire pani puri
fire pani puri
fire pani puri

At Nagpur firstly a chat shop introduce this Fire pani puri recipe. Its tough to find the original recipe how its made but with little bit of research you can also make it. The stuff inside the puri is very unique. The stuff will make this pani puri very special because this stuff keep the fire. In your life time you try once this moth watering recipe.

3. Auto Pani Puri Gujarat

auto pani puri

You might thinking what is auto pani puri. Well this is a Pani puri machine like a ATM machine it will give you Puri, Pani puri stuff and water. There is no human who will give you pani puri in their hand. In this COVID situation its very useful. This pani puri ATM machine will give you pani puri with reasonable price also. So guys don’t waste your time and find your local shops who gives pani puri in machine.

4: Chai Pani Puri

Chai pani puri

Here another recipe is there is called Chai pani puri recipe. You guys if you thinking it made with tea and it will serve you with tea then it’s wrong. It will serve you on a tea kettle not with tea. The tea kettlery have full with pani puri water with stuff puri’s. Well different hotel will serve you in different methods. It’s not looking tasty. It really very tasty also.

5: Pizza Pani Puri

pizza pani puri
pizza pani puri picture

What ? Pizza pani puri yes guys yes don’t confuse about it. At jaipur India they introduce 1st pizza pani puri. It comes with affordable price 6 pani puri will cost you 79 rupees. It comes with fully loaded Margherita cheese and pizza sauces. Just think once a pani puri taste like pizza you cant imagine the lovely taste of this recipe. Wow in India everything here possible.

6: Butter Maggie Pani Puri

If guys feel bore while eating maggie then try this Butter Maggie Pani Puri recipe. It comes with puri with fully loaded butter maggie stuff. You can easily make this at your home but while making don’t use your regular maggie masala if you use it then it will give you taste like maggie so use your daily cooking masla so that you can feel the taste of pani puri. So lets do it once at your home or if someone made it at your locality then try it once.

7: Fish Pani Puri

Fish Pani Puri is very popular at Kolkata. Its look lip smacking because it stuff with fish pieces and serve with green chutney. You can eat this pani puri with fish masala stuff and you can dip with green chutnies. In this recipe you can eat with mouth water imly water. It also called as “Fish Puchkaman”.

8: Vodka Pani Puri

vodka pani puri

If you drink alcohol then it will give you great taste. You can drink with the same time if you hungry then it full fill your small part of your stomach also with chill and crunchy flavour. If you want start your day with chill vodka then its a great start to start with this “Vodka Pani Puri recipe.

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